Love the fit of my C/E denim.  

What a fantastic coat. And outfit.

Love my grays!

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Digging the colors here!

Original Penguin 2013 campaign video.  Too cool, adorable, love it.  I’m diggin’ the Penguin fashion as well on these boys!  So handsome and totally rockin’ these looks.  More Penguin men’s fashion around is fine by me.

So L.A. - so cool and fun.  Lovers + Friends is a fashion label based out of and inspired by Los Angeles.  Love their style, live the image…

It’s here!! “Roshambo:Rock” is the follow up to the oh so lovely Free People video “Roshambo”.  I shared the first video with y’all a couple months ago and now am excited to share the follow up that was developed after the unexpected immense popularity and success of the first one! 

And it’s working for Free People too because I kind of want all of the clothing in this video:) 

"Roshambo: Rock" by Free People

Directed by: Guy Aroch and Jonathan Doe

Actors: Sheila Marquez, Britt Maren, Michele Ouellet, Christopher Abbott, Diego Osorio

I have watched this video a handful of times over the past couple months and I love it every time.  Simple and complex all at the same time.  Love, lust, emotion, connection, happiness, moments, chances, something that’s worth it, serendipity, decisions, romance, real life, choices, fate, living… And of course great styling through out :)


Directed by Guy Aroch and Jonathan Doe

Concept by and presented by Free People

Starring actor Christopher Abbott and model Sheila Marquez

Mustard yellow.  Can be difficult to pull off but I’m a huge fan of the color.  Liking the vintage feel of this!


Max Mara

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Ooh, I love this! I need to find one of these.

I have been a HUGE Keri Russell fan ever since Felicity won me over.  Not only does she seem just totally rad, I think I am her in my alter-ego state haha.  But really.  And this outfit rocks.  Ok, Keri Russell, I want to be you when I grow up (because in my mind I am in denial and definitely not grown up yet).

More pics HERE.

New Arrivals: Hartford S/S 13 

Omigoodness, these two are beyond precious!  And how does this little girl have such fantastic hair?!  Love the one of them sitting with their legs crossed… amazing.